Five Routine Steps for Velvety & Glow Skin in winter

Winter is almost here and we are ready to welcome it with our organic and natural skin care products for all skin types. It is high time you pamper your skin with skin-nourishing treatments as your face and body needs ultra-nourishment and moisture during the winter season.

Colder temperatures, indoor heat, and dry air affect your body so it’s time to load up on your favorite Life Style skin and hair care products. Here are our products we are obsessing over to deal with dryness this winter.

Scrub for your skin & body care routine

Many people think that scrubbing and exfoliating is just an add-on and not a necessary thing. This notation is quite misleading. As per the opinion of skin experts, your skincare products are only going to work if they are penetrated well into your skin. Dead skin does not allow your skincare products to penetrate deeply into your skin and in drier weather, your skin become extremely dry because of it. Therefore, using Scrub is essential to protect your skin during winter. Your body will remove dead skin and anything you will apply will sink in and will work effectively on your skin. Your skin becomes really sensitive in winters and you must apply firm pressure. Our scrub is ultra-nourishing as it sweeps away dead skin while hydrating it at the same time. Try it out and you will be surprised to see clean and velvety-soft skin.

Cleansing Lotion for your face & body care routine

Avoid using body washes as they have harmful skin-stripping chemicals which make your skin drier in winter. You must add our Cleansing Lotion in your routine to keep your skin moisturized and healthy. Life Style Cleansing Lotion and Scrub are the best solutions for your face and body.

Do not apply Scrub on your face as it can clog your pores. Instead, use Cleansing Lotion for your face. 

Moisturize thrice a day

Be it summer or winter, one thing that must not be compromised is moisturizing your skin Right out of the shower, use Life Style Scrub to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. This formula is the best thing for winters as it is enriched with Minerals that replenish and hydrate dry skin and restore its natural healthy glow. If you have dry skin, this Scrub is for you.

Many of our clients agreed that their skin felt velvety, supple, smooth, and more elastic after using Life Style Scrub. Life Style Express has best moisturizers for all skin types.

Take care of your Hands & Face

We tend to ignore our hands and nails during winter. Coronavirus has made our hands drier as we all wash our hands a zillion times every day. Our hands, nails, and feet have fewer oil glands and these are constantly exposed to the sun which makes them weathered. Add Life Style Meni-Pedi Soak for your hands in your winter skincare routine. This potent formula is specially formulated for all skin types. This will protect your hands from dryness and will make your hand and face suppler.

Do not forget to apply Lip balm

Everyone wants silky smooth and plumper lips but all we get in winters is chapped and dry lips.

Life Style Express has the best lip balms which treat chapped lips and nourish them. The Lip Balm help to form a flexible barrier that shields lips from the sun, wind and cold and keeps moisture sealed in.

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